We have aimed to make Isaac's Byre one of the most eco-friendly and pet friendly cottages around. To do this, we've focused on providing low-carbon, highly efficient energy and working with local businesses and organisations to source as many fixtures and fittings as possible.

Energy and Heating

The energy for the cottage is primarly sourced through a Ground Source Heat Pump (installed by Ice Energy). Heat is pumped from the ground and into the cottage, where it receives a small electricity boost and runs both the central heating and the hot water. Combined with large amounts of insulation, the cottage is lovely and warm in Winter, and cool in Summer. The electricity is supplied by Good Energy, and comes from 100% renewable sources.

We have made an effort to minimise energy use as much as possible, so there are the low-energy light bulbs in both the standard and halogen fittings. The television is also a low-energy model, as are all the applieances. None of this comes at the expense of comfort. We also have a wood burning stove with locally-sourced logs (included in the price) to make the cottage even more cosy!

Most recently, Solway Renewables have just added a 3.5Kw charging point for Electric Vehicles, meaning that even the highest parts of Pennines are becoming part of the low-carbon transition.

Locally sourced materials

We believe that it is important to shop as locally as possible. As well as reducing the carbon impact through reduced transport, buying locally supports the economy of an area. As a result, we have made every effort to source building materials, fixtures and fittings as locally as possible. This has covered everything from mattresses to chairs, all of which are just as good, if not better than those you would find from every-day large stores.

Reusing and Recycling

In order to keep items out of landfill we have bought pre-owned furniture where practical. For example: the oak wardrobe and chest of drawers in the master bedroom. Where used was not suitable we have ensured that the wood used in the furniture is from sustainably managed forests. We encourage all of our guests to recycle all metal, glass, plastic, paper and card used during their stay by the provision of labelled bins.

Our Environment Policy

You can read about all of our values in more detail, in our Environment Policy.